nexRates is the brand new, all-in-one and user friendly trading solution providing:

  • Bond pricing with market monitor views
  • Exchange connectivity natively integrated
  • Quoting, for live and indicative prices market making
  • Trading, for both D2D and D2C markets
  • Hedging
  • Risk and Position Keeping at desk level for intraday real time updates

Amongst its basic features we can see
nexRates provides a wide variety of pricing methods and tailored GUI features for pricing on both Credits and Govies Desk. Read more
Trading and Quoting
As a complete suite, nexRates provides full fuctionality both for trading and quoting operations on D2C and D2D markets. Read more
nexRates can integrate proprietary and third party Risk modules, but it also provides a native Risk engine with dedicated graphic features. Read more
Asset Classes

  •  Euro Government Bonds
  •  Sovereign, Supranational and Agency Bonds
  •  Corporate Bonds
  •  Floater Bonds
  •  Emerging markets and High Yield Bonds
  •  Municipals and Pfandbriefs
  •  GILTs
  •  Inflation Linked Bonds
  •  Callable Bonds

nexRates provides native connectivity towards the main Fixed Income Markets, Fixed Income ECNs/ATSs and also features Open APIs for integration. Read more

nexRates is an open platform, able to easily integrate with custom and third party modules. Some readily available integrations are:

  •  Bloomberg Terminal Integration
  •  MDXT Excel Connect
  •  STP Integration
  •  Bloomberg Position Keeping Integration

Other integrations could be:

  •  3rd party/Proprietary Master Data Integration*
  •  3rd party/Proprietary Risk Integration*
  •  3rd party/Proprietary P&L Integration*
  •  Any custom integration required

*This features can also be implemented as nexRates native modules.
Premium Customer support provided by our team of experts, with new functionalities such as DoubleF4 – Direct Support tool to open and instant chatter connected to our support team.