Trading and Quoting

nexRates platform includes a complete set of functionalities that allow quoting and trading for both Credits and Govies Fixed Income Desk.
nexRates multi-market interface allow traders to manage smoothly all operation on both D2D and D2C markets.nexRates presents several Trading Services for Fixed Income Market Making and Auto-negotiation, such as:

  •     Configurable Market Making quoting strategies
  •     Tiering Management
  •     Firm price contribution for Magenta Price and SD Pages
  •     RAR – RFQs Automatic Replier for Auto-negotiation
  •     Protection Service
  •     SBS – Super Best Service for a Virtual executable market
  •     Auto Hedging
  •     Obligations Compliance Monitor
  •     STP and Deal Capture service for real time trade updates
  •     Bloomberg terminal direct integration

nexRates ergonomic GUI provides graphic tools to support Market Making activities alerting and for reacting with a single click on market spikes, for changing quotes and market status, provides market BidAsk spreads as well as Skew and Wide spreads applied on one or all market connected to the platform.